Thank you for 5000 hits on 'The Mello Code'. This site is the result of a poll, held on MangaBullet, to establish what everyone would like to see to mark this achievement. It bounces off the Death Note 13 'How to Read...' book, but uses my stories as their source.

What started off as a fairly small project (just a timeline and maybe some pictures) grew into a massive undertaking, as more and more people contributed content to it. In fact, thirty-two people are listed in the credits page, all of whom gave up their time to create something wonderful for you. Thanks again to all of them. I am thrilled to bits with the result!

Please be aware that this site is brimming with spoilers for Death Note, Another Note and my stories. We have kept these spoilers, as far as possible, to the timeline and the individual story pages. The stories themselves are not on this site. They may be read in one of two places:

You should also be aware that some of the artwork contains adult content and the music pages play music.

Without further ado, please enjoy the site and thank you for reading my stories.

Less than three.

Matti (MRS Jeevas)

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